Monday, November 8, 2010

Nov 8th 2010

thanks fam for all the updates. i dont have that much time so i will try to type really fast. this weeks was really awesome. we found 28 new investigators this week and we had a whole convey or van full of investigators to church. the lady that we live by is a member and she hooks us up. she is a doctor here. she gives us food each night and even offered to do our laundry but we wouldnt let her. she was inactive at first but now she is on fire. she has been loading us with references and all of her references went to church. this one reference her name is judith is awesome. she has a son that is 22 and 2 little daughters her husband died and she has cancer. we gave her and her family blessings last sunday and have taught them this week. they are getting baptized this saturday. she got up and bore her testimony in church and she sounds like a member already. it was really cool. she gave us all of her coffee that she drinks every day and her son gave up smokeing. the gospel has really changed their lives in a week and a half and she is over her depression and stuff. it was really cool. we are teaching her neihbors right next to her and the husband owns the van and is the one that gave everyone a ride to church. they know the church is true as well and are getting baptized in 2 weeks. they joined a lesson this week so we taught 2 families at once and they want to do it again this week. its nuts. is us 2 white dudes teaching like 20 mexicans at once. haha its awesome. So out of the 28 people we found 11 came to church and they were all references from a member. so give the missionarries references. us missionarries shouldnt even have to knock doors. the members should have a desire to share the gospel and go with the missionarries to them and it is almost a guarantee baptism but the members need to do their part. so do your part. haha but we also knocked this door this week and this lady told us that she just felt she needed to talk to us and she wants to get baptized to and has stopped smokeing. we taught this other lady that told us this crazy experience when she was in a coma and was up with christ and they were about to pull the plug but he told her she had more work to do. it was crazy she wants to be baptized too but she has to get married so might take a little longer. and the parents of the kids that we baptized are on fire but they still need to be marrried and get all the paper work worked out. but yea today was a awesome week. we met all of our goals this week and were really blessed. we just need to keep up the good. work. it sounds like teisha had a fun time. i want some pics. tate keep up the good work in the sports.haha i like what dad said about there is never a bad day working for the lord. it is true. its all good. today we went to the beach and played beach football. it was alot of fun there were 8 of us. it was sweeet. its beautiful here. no we dont have restrictions on being home early. we are safe dont worry mom. and yes i want lot and lots of food. what ever food you can stuff. give it to me. haha also i can have a air force hat here. i wear my air force gear everywhere. so yes i can wear the hat. but yeah all i can think of is food. and find me a sick vintage tie. haha and yeah get my comp a texas shirt and a tie or something with lots of food. all i can think i want is food. so give me food. next week ill try to send you picks i dont have time now. but all is good here. love you lots.

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