Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nov 15 2010

what up fam. we have a district meeting in a hour so i cant be on too long. but this week was pretty crazy. our baptisms did go through wich was way cool but satan certainly did all he could to stop it but he will never win. lets just say that prayer is power and satan will never win. and yesterday we baptized them but before we were going to do it in a tank thing but she text us while we were with the zone leaders eating and she didnt have the key to it. so we met them at the beach and the member we live by wouldnt let us go in the beach because she said it was too dangerous so she talked to this security guard and we got into this nice hotel right next to the beach and baptized them in the huge pool it was sick. haha the spirit was strong and it was way cool. we baptized her, her 22 year old son and her 10 year old daughter. it was way cool. we also had our stake conference this week and had a investigator there that knows for shure this is the true church. elder bednar and elder Erying spoke and it was way good. elder bednar compared inspiration to when we walk in a dark room and turn on the light. he said this doesnt happpen verry often but what does happen often is like in the morning when the sun rises gradually and recieve inspiration like that. he even said alot of times its a foggy day but you still know the sun is riseing. so most of the time you dont know your thoughts and actions are guided by the spirtit but they are. that is like every day on the misison. we dont know exactly every thought and every where we are guided is by the spirt but every day we knock a door and find a escogido or a inactive member we know we are being lead by the spirit. those type of things are not coincidences but they are not these big inspirations that make us go where we go. its like the sun when it gradually rises in the morning. i really liked that. then pres ireing talked on heritage. and i thought that was cool because the people we are teaching are from the heritage of the people in the book of mormon. so that was way good. today we played bball and volleyball at the church that was fun. haha but sounds like all is good in texas and tate had a good year in football and teisha is doing good in tennis. keep up all the great work. and make sure to tell all the youth to not be afraid to open their mouth and share the gospel to their friends. all of our baptisms have come from friends of members. all 5 of my baptisms are from freinds from members. it is so important that a investigator has a friend. tell them to have family nights with the missionarries and the missionarries teach the lesson in family night and they invite their friends. it is fun for the family the friends and for the missonarries. this is one of the best ways i think. so have them invite friends to their family nights and have the missionarries come over. it doesnt have to be just monday they can do that other days of the week. when they feed the misisonarries invite a friend to come over to eat as well. if they are afriad to talk about the gospel that is why the misisonarries are there. the missionarries will know what to do. but yeah thats pretty much all i got for this week. we knocked this ladies house this week that just started crying when she saw who we were so we will see how she ends up. it was nuts. but just little things like this are awesome and remimds me each day i am doing the lords work. i love it and love mexico. haha oh and yess i want a backpack that has that water pack in it but dont make it too big. just big enough to carry my scriptures but yes i want one of those. but love yall verry much. nos vemos.

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