Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Week 3 in Mexico no letter last week Nov 1 2010

Disculpe me for not finding another place to finish my email. we were at a members house that had 2 computers and the computer my comp was on didnt work and that was at like 5 in the afternoon and we had a district meeting after so we looked for a internet place and couldnt find one by the church so i couldnt finish writeing you. so i am sorry. i am ok and everything is fine mother. haha this past 2 weeks we have really worked very hard and there have been a few days where you knock or yell because they dont have doors and people just dont except it and it is hard to see but they have their agency. every contact i do i try to bear testimony because i feel that is the best way for people to feel the spirit . i feel there are people that wouldnt of listened but we bear our testimony and the heart is opened to hear the gospel. but let me start by answering all of moms questions. the work is going well. we have had a few dissapointments this week but also some cool experiences. Not this past sunday but last sunday we had 6 people to church and this week we had 9 to church which was good. we stress that to everyone we talk to that the only way that they are going to recieve an answer for themselves is if they go to church. it is a big act of faith for alot of people here to just go to church and those that have come have felt the spirit. One thing that stunk this week is Suzana just moved yesterday to mexico city. She was a investigator that we became really close to we told her she came to church she did her reading and praying but was saying that she hasnt recieved an answer. We asked her if she recieved an answer if she would be willing to change and follow the answer she recieved and that was hard for here because all of her family is catholic. We made her that promise because that would show that she had to the faith to change . that kind of stunk because we know she feels it. she even told us that she sees a light in us and thats why she let us in. She is just not willing to act yet. And also the old couple that i contacted in the cab my first week didnt get baptized this week. that was disapointing. once it got closer and closer to their baptism date they started to fear i think. They feel that it is easier to just keep going to the church that they are going to than going to ours. They told us the book of mormon is true but they havent recieved an answer. We promised them that if they were willing to be baptized on the date we set them and prayed that night they would get an answer and they wernt willing so that stunk. this week were going to focus on authority and how important the preisthood is. but we did baptize this week which was really cool. my first baptism. It was the family of 4 that lives in front of the first counsoler in the bishopric. it was pretty cool. i think it was like my first week here we taught them the first vision and the dad loved it. he really felt the spirit and the next lesson we taught the plan and committed to baptism for this next week. but last lesson we found out that they were married in the catholic church and that isnt valid or something so they need to get married before they can get baptized so we are working with them on that. we baptized there daughters this week and it was pretty cool. there names are lili and pili. lili is 10 and pili is 14. it was really cool i feel their parents felt the spirit way strong. So we had success. we conferm them next week. it is cool how the lord knows where his children are. this week we had not success and all our appointments feel through because their not home or they say they are too busy. thats one thing that stinks is people here have not schedule. some dont even know when they go to work or get home from work. but anyways we found this street and found 4 inactive familys in the same street. also one day we knocked the door of this guy Miguel that is our age and without even saying anything just lets us in and is like ya im going to church this week with my friend. so the lord knows who is ready we just need to find them. another story we were knocking this street and i knocked this door and these 2 girls came and then just hid and i didnt think anything of it and just left and at church they came to church with there mom with a member and were like mom those 2 guys came to our house and last night. we gave them all blessings because the mom has cancer and is haveing a hard time. we told her it wasnt coincidence that we knocked her door and her friend invited her to church. we teach them on wendesday which should be good. that is a family of 5. so the key is planning out your day well and the lord will put people in your path according to your plan. thats why it is key to plan and follow the spirit. I feel that i am starting to understand alot more. which is good. and starting to express myself better. at times i have no clue what is going on and at times i understand everything. So i just need to keep working hard and keep opening my mouth. Oh one funny story was this week we were traveling in a van. the way we get around is either a bus that is 5 pesos a van that is 6 pesos or a cab that is 12 pesos. so that is how we get around. we walk alot too. and some times we are climbing the mountains of acapulco which is alot of fun. haha but its all good. but we were in this van of like 11 people and i just turn to my comp`and was like watch this. i just started contacting all the peolple in the van at once. i was like have yall talked to missionaries like us before no one said anything and i just stated our purpose and bore my testimony and committed all to baptism and 2 said yes. haha i feel its a good way to see who really wants to hear the gospel and then when we knock their door they know who we are. my comp thought i was nuts. haha but it was fun. im here to open my mouth and i feel the more i open my mouth the faster i will learn the language. so that was fun. i see if i can do that again this week. haha but my time is winding up. yes i like my comp and he is awesome. and we spend alot of time with the zone leaders because they are in our ward. they are funny. we did splits with them last week and this week. it is fun to learn from other missionarries. i went to elder carlos to his area and we just went from lesson to lesson. it was way fun. they were all just short and powereful and then we go to the next one. it was fun. 2 of the people i taught with him got baptized also so that was cool to see. our ward is really good. the members that go are strong and since we have been there we have more and more investigators. 2 weeks ago combined with the zone leaders we had 21 investigators to church and this week we had 15 so we need to keep that up so we can make a new ward in colosio where we live so the members dont have to go so fare. but yeah all is good i am safe and i love every mineute of it. oh yeah we found this gym that we run to each morn and lift for 30 min and run back. it has made me be more awake each day and it has been fun to lift a little. thanks for all the prayers and all yall do for me. Teisha im sorry i cant find a place to mail you stuff but i love you and i wish you a happy birthday. i cant believe that your 16 that is crazy. just let all the boys that i can have call up my friends in texas and teach em a lesson or two if they dont treat you right. haha but i love you all and i will talk to you next week.

P.S. Mom i sleep fine. haha and dad you need to find a place in texas that has Tacos al pastor it is the best.
Love Elder Hancock

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