Monday, October 18, 2010

Tuckers in MEXICO Letter 1 Oct, 18 2010

Estoy en mexico. Por fin. haha it has been a crazy week. it has been nuts but i love it. on the plane i sat by a member and talked to her the whole flight or at least tried to. we stayed the first night in the mission home and we ate at the pres house. he gave us pizza he and his wife are really nice. the first night we just went walking around this big park place in Cuernavaca and there were a bunch of people just chillin and haveing a good old time just talking to friends and family. me and elder woodcox just went handing out pass along cards and they prob had no clue what we said and we def had no clue what they said. haha I feel like i know no spanish at all. i am starting to comprehend better but i really need to work work and work more. i feel bad because i have to tell people to repeat stuff alot haha. but i got my companion on tuesday his name is elder roskelly. he is from Ogden and he went to weber high. he knows Mark so you should ask mark about him. he graduated the same year i did. Gentrie might know him. he said he has heard her name before. but he is a really cool kid. he has been in mexico for 4months. he has blond hair and blue eyes like me. so we are two gringoes walking among the lamamites. haha but it is all good.we are serving in one of the beautifulist places in acapulco in a place called colosio. it is awesome. the views when we take cabs and stuff our awesome. it is blazeing hot though. haha but its is all good. it is humid like texas so i have prob lost 10 pounds just being here. but thats ok. i just sweat everything off. we are opening a new area. there have been no missionarries here for months and our area book that they left us isnt that great and our area that we have is huge so we have alot of work to do but its all good. im up for the challenge. we have been working hard to find people. the first day we just started finding people close to where we first lived. we lived in the bishops old house and it was next to a member. the house did have air conditioning but it didnt work. but we went contacting and this week we have found 12 investigators and only 1 went to church this week. that is the hard thing around here. we are on the far side of acapulco and the church is like 40 min away and people either work or they dont have money to take a taxi or but. there is always exuses and it is a big problem because we found really great people but they cant progress if they dont go to church so we planned yesterday and came up with some ideas. We need to use the members that have cars to help us.we need to help them set goals in the week to give up something they dont need and save money in the week so they can go to church on sunday. they need to know that church is very important. but really our area is nice my comp said but there are alot of humble homes and acapulco is a humble city. its not even a city i think but it is very humble. i taught a lesson and they have a shack and dirt floors. so be grateful for what we have back home. but the investigator that did come to church was good. her name is Susana and she has 2 little kids and her husband is away working and she doesnt know how long he will be. we found her just knocking doors and she just let us in. we taught the first lesson and that went well. my comp teaches and i just bear testimony and share scriptures i need to work on explaining points better so they can understand me but i just bear testimony.haha but we taught her again and she is keeping her commitments and we committed her to come to church and she said she would and my comp said to her that Satan doesnt want her to go and something might come up like someone getting sick and sure enough her little baby got sick and she said she thought of us when it happened but the baby was better. but we walked by on friday or saturday and she was out on her porch about to smoke and we come walking up and teach her the word of wisdom just right there. it was perfect timing. haha but she just stayed for sacrament and i had to talk. that was interesting. i just got up and kind of winged it. but it was all good. I just try to talk to everyone that is by me when we are walking and stuff or on buses and taxis. you never know if someone is interested in the gospel unless you open your mouth so i have been doing that and in this taxi i talked with this older couple and i taught them a quick lesson on the cab and set a appointment and they loved it. they told us they couldnt go to church this week but we are certain they will this week. i feel they are ready for the gospel. my comp says i am a escogito magnent.esogito is like a chosen person. thats what we call investigatorsl. at first he was a little down and about the opening a new area but he said he hasnt talk to this many cool people in lessons before. i mean we have had great lessons and the people love it but they dont come to church so that is what we are working on this week.the people really open up once you get to know them. some of the experiences i have no clue what they said but my comp does and he tells me and im like are you serious. i missed that. so i need to comprehend alot better. so i need to work on that. but i am loveing it. we havent had a normal day yet. one day our zone leader came banging on our door at like 11:30 because he was on exchanges with the assistants and they just left him.he is a native that is fluent in spanish. he is so funny. he was banging on our door and we didnt have a bed so we had to go to his house that night so he wasnt alone. the next day we had lunch with this lady and she showed us this house she would rent us and it was way better than the one house we were in. it is furnished and has airconditioning that works. we are one of the only ones to have airconditioning which is sweet. this lady gives us fruit and food and hooks us up. she helped us wash are clothes and she let us use her stuff so we moved like on friday to this new house in our area. So basicly we got the hook up now. hhaha but yea this has been a crazy week. we went to a market today with the zone leaders and i got a nacho libre mask for tate. i dont know how to mail it but i couldnt find teisha a ring. i will have to keep my eye out. but life is crazy here and i am loveing it. me and my comp have alot of work to do and i have alot to learn. but i have 3 people from my district in my zone which is cool in the mtc. woodcox is one of them. one more quick story is a guy came on his motorcycle and stoped us and he is a member and wants to change his life back to normal. he speaks english and lived in salt lake for like 16 years. he is 30 and lives with his girlfriend we talked to him yesterday and wants to change his life so that was pretty cool. while trying to find members houses to eat we run into inactives and people that god loves them so much. like people give us wrong directions and we find someone that needs us that we wouldnt of found if we didnt get wrong directions. god knows his children thats why i need to listen to the spirit and open my mouth. LOve you fam and thanks for all the support.Elder Hancock

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