Monday, October 11, 2010

Final Letter from the MTC #12 Oct 8 2010

Hey whats up fam. This week has been awesome and crazy. All the prayers have been answered and i am leaving on Monday for mexico. I am really excited to leave. On Monday we still didnt hear anything on our visas and as a district we decided to all knell down and pray and each of us said a individual prayer praying for our visas. After we did that we just sang some hyms as a district. In the middle of Be still my soul we all got called down to the travel office. Lets just say prayer changes things!!!! So we all run down to the travel office and everyone is going to the consolate but me. Everyones name was highlighted but mine. I was like are you serious. Im not going to lie i was disapointed that my whole distrct could go and i couldnt. They were going to leave at like 1:15 that was at 11:30. i asked what the problem was and they said i just didnt have my visa and hopefully they would call and i could go later in the week. So after that i go with my comps and eat lunch and go with them to get their suits and stuff so they could leave for salt lake to the Consolate. My comps told me to change as well and get my suite so i did hopeing that i would get to be able to go. I changed my suite and we prayed as a companionship that we could all go to the consolate together. So we leave our rooom and go back to the travel office and i ask if they had a call and they didnt. So i left the travel office and was walking to the cafateria to find someone to make a comp exchange with and Elder Stapely runs me down and says that the travel office just recieved a call that they had my visa and i could go to the Consolate. Lets just say Prayer is Power and Prayer Changes things. The faith and love of my companions really taught me alot. SO i was able to go to the consolate with my whole district and we leave Monday. We prob could of left earlier but our mis pres cant pick us up till monday. I am way pumped.

SO that was the miracle that happened this week. I also saw uncle glen in the temple which was fun. It sounds like he told ya. That is awesome that tate won his game and he played great. Keep up the great work and keep calling your own plays. haha It sounds like teisha did awesome too and is getting better each week. Also i get to call ya'll tomorrow so i'm going to call around 5-6. I can only talk for 5 min but i give you more of the update. I leave the MTC at 6 in the morning and it is a direct flight to Mexico. I fly Delta i think. Today i got to get all packed and all that stuff. Im going to send a package today so be ready for that. But Mom you dont have to worry about the situational awareness for me. You must of forgot where i went to school. haha My Comps give me crap every day for going to the air force cuz the random missionaries i have no clue come up and say oh your the kid that played at air force. My comps give me crap each day about that. haha

OH and i just wanted to thank you Mom and Dad for all that you have done for me. i really felt your love when Elder Holland spoke about the love of his parents for him. i just want to thank you for what great parents and examples you are for me. I know that you do all that you can for me and i know that im spoiled. haha And Teisha and Tate make sure you listn to mom and dad in everything they tell you. I cant remember who made the list of what to do as a parent but i know mom and dad did everything on that list so listn to em and DO IT.

I love you all so mucha and cant wait to talke to ya tomorrrow. TOday we said goodbye to all the Laundry workers in the temple we have made good friends with. The latin culture is so loveing. haha I love yall so much. Thank Joane for me for sams letters. Sam is so funny. haha

Love, Elder Tucker Hancock

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