Sunday, October 3, 2010

MTC Letter #11 Oct,1st 2010 Still Waiting!!!

Hola familia!! Como Estan? First of all i am convinced that my mission call has been changed to the MTC. We went to the travel office today and they tell us the same thing evertime. Oh just come by tomorrow. They said they are hopeing that we will go to the consolate on monday or Tuesday but that is what they have been saying for the past 2 weeks so hopefully they are right this time. I am ready to go. I am going to be here longer than all my Chinese Taiwan friends. They all leave on Monday so yes they are all still here in the MTC. But they leave monday while im still chillin here. But its all good. I have had a good attitude about it, it just is a little frustrateing. Me and My Comps Elder Payne and Woodcox are makeing the most of it which is good. The temple has been awesome to go to. Today was really cool. We did sealings again this week and i swear almost every page had Mary and Margrett on it so i know that i have a fan club watching over me. That was a nice tender mercy in the temple today. I miss Grandma. How is grandpa doing? i need to write him another letter. There was just this one girl that is friends with one of the missionarries in my distric and she did mini mission thing where she stayed at my Miss pres house in Cuernavaca and went on splits every day in Mexico with missionaries. She just wrote me about Cuernavaca and how awesome it is so that was that. I prob have a whole bunch of letters waiting for me in Mexico. haha but for all the missionarries waiting i think there is like 30 or 40 of us but im not sure. I know there are 9 missionarries in my district and we are all waiting to get out of Spiritual Prison. haha Did i tell you that i am in a threesome companionship. It is me elder payne and elder woodcox. Elder Woodcox is the new . he and elder nelson were our roomates and elder nelson left 2 weeks ago and has been in Georgia. He is serving there until he gets his visa for Bolivia. So the three amigos have been doing great. I feel like we are going nuts and it is time to leave. haha We come up with all kinds of crazy stuff. We have our own version of spanish and we make up our own verbs, so hopefully we dont use them in mexico because people will have no clue whats going on. haha it is harder to teach but we study good together. Elder Woodcox was basicly fluent in spanish when he came in so he has helped alot in that aspect. which is good. That stinks that Tate lost. Do they let him run the ball in 14 or 15 counter? Those where my favorite plays. That stinks that texas lost you need to tell blake to Hombre Arriba. haha But thats good that air force won. Is air force ranked? Im glad that Brandon got his letter. how is he doing with his leg? . I cant wait for conference it should be great. aparently conference in the MTC is like christmas so we will see how that goes. Alot of the missionarries are singing for priesthood i think. So you'll see some Elders I know. haha BUt basketball has been alot of fun. I've have been killing all the Elders. I need some competition.haha i also need to be more humble. Im working on that. haha But i love you all very much. I am pretty confident that i will be leaving next week. So lets pray that that happens and i'll continue to work hard here in the MTC. Love you lots. Adios.

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