Sunday, September 26, 2010

MTC letter #10 Sept 24 2010

Mother!!!! . I have revieved no news at all. So basicly i am going to be in the MTC for the rest of my life. I have no new news. We went to the travel office and they said that they have no news and to check on Monday so who knows. I might as well Stay here forever. haha no Im just ready to be in mexico and to get out of here. I love the MTC but i am ready to go teach real people. The Gym finally opened up so i have been playing basketball. The MTC is way awesome with basketball. Its been fun to ball up on all the elders. haha But i get to go to the temple 3 times a weeek which is pretty sweet. We are pretty much on our own and make our own plans of what to do. We have been studying alot of spanish and we have set appointments to teach alot of nativos. One is from Mexico and we talked to him for like an hour just about food and all kinds of stuff. It was hard to understand him cuz he spoke so fast but then we taught him a lesson and we understood almost everything he said. I am alot better at understanding gospel spanish but when it comes to other stuff i can get the main points and the rest is way over my head. But my purpose is to teach the gospel so thats good i know that part. One funny thing in our lesson with the Nativos was they taught us in English back and they have only been here for 2 weeks so it was good to see them struggle like we struggle with Spanish. One of them asked, "What you doing with your life?" and then he told us to open up to Jack chapter 1 verse 5 (James 1:5). I just starting laughing it was pretty funny. They laugh at us so it goes both ways. I love speaking with them it is way fun. One of them wants us to write in his journal and we asked what he wants us to write and he said, " just write something about me in English." I love talking to them. In the temple we have been helping and talking with the workers that speak spanigh and that has been fun. Today we talked to a new volunteer and he started crying and bearing his testimony it was pretty neat. We have got to know one of them really well his name is Fransico and his son is going on his mission to Argentina in December. He served his mission in Cuernavaca and has been telling us stories. Today he told us that he was the only member in his family when he served his mission. He said his parents would rip the letters he sent home and wouldnt write him. he said it was hard but he knew the church was true and was doing the lords work. Some of his cousins got babtized and his parents are not members but they respect the church now. I admired his faith. That is all i got as he told his story in spanish. I think that was the gist of it all. But it has been fun to do that. I Love this work im just so ready to be in Mexico. but its all good. I havent called yet on the card i need to do that. I just keep forgetting. That stinks that tate lost. you need to tell me the whole scoop of the game. How is CJ doing with his hurt Groin. Tell him To HOMBRE ARRIBA!!!! haha Oh yeah I saw Nate Fort's Sister. I have seen here around and i was like i have seen her somewhere. Then i saw her name said fort and just went and said hey and gave her a handshake. Anyways i love you all losts. I'll let ya'll know the knews of my visa as soon as i find out. Love you \

Elder Hancock

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