Monday, September 20, 2010

MTC letter #9 Sept 17 2010

Hey mom i just got your message I feel horrible about brother Dial. They will def be in my prayers. That is awesome that teisha is doing great. That is great to hear. Keep working hard Teish. Thats also great that tate had a good game. Thats sweet he got a interseption and hes carrying on the tradition. Keep up the great work bud. and all of you keep me updated. Teisha and tate i want a weekly update of all your games. I want ya'll to tell me about it. haha school doesnt take up that much of your time. haha. Also I was glad to hear that air force killed byu. That was pretty sweet. Elder Gerrman now owes me a drink. haha Also some big news is that i did recieve my Permisa which means that i will not get reasigned to a new mission which is good. Only 40 missionarries out of 120 or so got their permisas the rest got all reasigned today to somewhere in the states. I will most likely be here an extra week or Two in the MTC. I will not leave this monday. They said that we will be able to go to the Consolate this week. So pray that happens so im not stuck here forever. We were very blessed as a distric to not get reasigned. Im glad that i will be sent straight to Mexico. Everyone going to Cuernavaca got their Permisas which was 11 missionarries the rest of the missionarries were picked randomly is what it looked like to me. But i am so glad i will be leaving soon to mexico. They gave me a phone card to call yall to let you know that i will not be leaving so I'm planning on calling youi at 4:30-5:00 tomorrow. You better answer. I think i can only talk for like 5 min but thats when i'll call you to let you know the news i just gave you. haha So that will be fun to talk to ya'll tomorrow. This week was great. It is our teaching week this week which means that we taught lessons in spanish. Me and my comp elder payne set a goal to teach 40 lessons this week while everyone else set like 20 or 30. We are well on our way to achieve our goal. We taught 12 lessons yesterday which was fun. haha. Yesterday at the TRC we taught a older lady and i really felt like we touched her as a person and not as a fake investigotor. It was really cool. We taught the Law of Tithing and tied it into the second lesson. She got pretty emotional at times and i felt like the spirit took over. It was fun to teach. Also when we taught missionaries in our zone this week we taught them as missionarries which was really good i think. We would share a scripture and bare testamony and try to build all of em up. We had some pretty good experiences with that which was good. I'm going to send ya'll a bunch of letters and some extra spanish scriptures i have because they gave me some when i got here in the MTC. I dont have room for stuff so i'll be sending a package home full of extra stuff i have. The Gym wasnt open again this week. I think it will open the day i leave prob with the luck that i have. haha But all is good here at the mtc i'll just have to stay here an extra week or two which will be good to study some more. also i kind of like the fact that i can write who i want and you have no clue who im writeing. Forget facebook when i get home. I'm going to stick with letters. haha But i love yall lots and i will talk to ya'll tomorrow. Oh read Romans 8 it is the best. Love yall

Elder Hancock

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