Tuesday, September 7, 2010

MTC Letter 7 Sept 3 2010

Hello my family. How is life. it sounds like everything is going great with everyone. Teisha that is awesome that you made the tennis team. keep working hard. Cant wait to here how tates done. all of you keep up the good work. Sam left this week which is crazy. i recieved a letter from Joanne and she forwarded his letter to me. Let her know that i really apreciate that and would love to continue to recieve his letters. I didnt get to tell him goodbye the night before he left cuz im busy every night makeing sure everyone is good in the zone. But i was able to teach him a lesson in espanol which was fun. I know that he will be awesome in Mexico. but this week has been way awesome again. Each week gets better and better. I feel that i am teaching alot better in spanish. I feel that i am saying things alot faster and faster each lesson. Me and my comp have been working on focusing on the needs of the investigator expecially in espanol and i feel we have done alot better this week. This next week we get to teach the second lesson in spanish which is fun. Like i said i feel i am good at teaching the doctrine in spanish but i need to work on telling personnal experiences in spanish. that gets into all these crazy conjugations. but thats what i need to work on. Also i feel like if i'm not speaking about the gospel in spanish then i cant speak good at all. haha but im working on it. this week we got another new distric in. We are now the olderst distric in our zone which is way crazy. but it is fun. i feel so much older than everyone. haha that is crazy that byu went independent. they just were too scared of us i think. The temple was way good today. In my personnal study today i was studying in preach my gospel under finding people and i really enjoyed the section under family history and it had alot of good scriptures and it got me thinking that when we baptize people and help them with family history that we are helping generations and generations of families. that was just awesome to think of today. I also like the anology in preach my gospel of how we are fishers of men. and we need to be the fisher that goes fishing and leaves his line in the water the whole time. We dont want to be the fisher that goes fishing and only has his line in the water for half the time. That means that he is only going to catch half the fish. We need to be always finding ways to find people to teach. i think it all comes down to effort and being creative and never wasting time. I'll make sure to be the missionary that leaves his line in the water all the time. I think that is awesome that joel was able to come over. Tell him i love him and he needs to tear it up just for me. He also better go to bible study and you tell him i said that. That stinks that Leander lost . This week i also found a awesome scripture in D&C 24:12 it talks about the engergy and strengh you recieve from missionary work. I can really feel that scripture work on me. I have all this extra energy and desire to share the gospel. Ya'll need to do the same. Dont fear, be bold, and help the missionaries. I love you all so much and pray for ya'll every day. Tell tami thanks for the treats and kel as well and i love em. Love ya'll!!!

Love, Elder Hancock

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