Monday, August 30, 2010

MTC Letter 6 Aug,27 2010

Hola mi familia. Como estan? This week has been awesome. i think each week gets better the closer i get to leaving. Sam got his Visa so he will leave on time so that is good news for me i think. I will be able to call if you send the card mom im pretty sure i can. but on Tuesday Elder Holland came and spoke. It was way powerful. I tell ya'll some of my favorite parts. One part i liked was he said that Missionary work is a Celestial type of fun and i can attest to that. I am haveing a blast even though im working way hard. I bet it even gets more fun in the field. I really liked that line. He also got pretty bold. He said that if you put more effort in a football game than on your mission then dont come talk to him. That was pretty cool. before he spoke this kid played his chello and he asked the missionary why he tuned his chello in front of all of us. He said you could of come early and done that. you didnt have to waste our time tunning it in. and he asked the elder why did you do that. he said it has to be tuned every time. then elder holland pounded the pulpet and said that you have to be perfect every time. Refering to missionary work. He said there are not enough second lessons taught because your not teaching a good enough first lesson. It was nuts. He also said that salvation is never easy and he referred to the savior. He said the road to salvation always goes throgh gethsemane. If we are going to be Disiples of Jesus Christ then we need to feel just a little what the savior went through. it was a way good talk i have like 5 pages of notes from it. Also being Zone leader has been good. just have a bunch of meetings and stuff. and make sure all the districs are good. we got a new district this week so we had to teach them last night and give them a tour and all that stufff. They seem like way cool kids. David Gerrman the kid from westlake that is in the new group. hes a way cool kid. Kayla would know who he is. so i have a fellow texan in the zone which is good. Yesterday Me and my comp taught the first lesson in spanish in the TRC. It was pretty fun. I dont know if the investigator knew what the heck i was saying but i thought it was spanish. It actually went really well i think. I have been speaking alot more spanish and can get most of what i want to say in spanish. I need to work on Makeing the lesson personal to the specific person in spanish instead of just blurting in espanol. so still have a long way to go. I taught Sam a short lesson in spanish so that was good. Committed him to be babtized in spanish. Sam is going to teach me and my comp at the temple this sunday. So i'll try and be a way hard investigator for him. Its crazy he leaves on Tuesday. Time is flying so fast. Grandma Hancock wrote me a letter and gave me 20 dollars. Make sure and tell her i said thank you and that i love her. She didnt need to do that. I sent a letter to Teisha and Tate today so look for that. Thats crazy that Tate has a girl teammate. "welcome to the big leagues Tate" haha but make sure you tear it up in Practice and do your best and have fun. Teisha i hope your tryouts went good. Keep working hard in school and continue to work hard in seminary and your day will be that much better. I got a hair cut today for the first time. I had a pretty good come over before that so i'll have to send some pics soon if i have time. it was pretty funny. Where are my pics of my new truck that im going to take back to colorado when i get back??? Kayla wrote me and my comp this week. Tell her thanks. i wrote her a letter all in spanish so she'll have to find someone to translate. but keep me updated with tate and teish with all the sports. Let me know how C.J. is doing too with football. I love you all so much. I love this work and it is gods work and glory and it is mine as well. I'll talk to Ya'll next week.

Love, Elder Hancock

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