Saturday, August 21, 2010

MTC Letter 5 Aug 20 2010

Hey fam. Sorry this wont be as long i got on a computer where it didnt work and i lost 10 min until i found out that that was the problem. but this week has been way good. I have learned alot in spanish i feel and just need to speak speak and speak it more so i can just speak on the fly. To answer dads question i have 9 elders going to the same mission. Thanks for the package. The treats were good. This week i have scored 7 goals. I have become an animal on the soccer field. I might try out for air force when i get back. haha jk but thats been fun. that is crazy that tate will have 3 teams. He'll do good. Just tell him to work hard and give all that he has. A great quote i learned this week was winning isnt everything but wanting to is. I really liked that. Baptiseing isnt everything but wanting to is. it works really well with our purpose. Its all about bringing people heaven. I love this gospel and their have been nights where i have been so pumped that i have to work out and get rid of the energy so i can fall asleep. I just get so pumped to teach about what i know and what i have felt. its a pretty cool feeling. i cant believe ya'll have already started school. that is nuts. Tell teisha that she will be just fine with all of her classes. One thing that has been cool to learn that if things start to get harder and harder than that means that your on the right track to becoming a great missionary because the advasery wants us to get down and as we continue to progress he'll try harder and harder. its like going up a hill the higher you get the more intence the wind will be but once we get to the top and have the faith to jump off it is the wind that will help us fly. I know that to be true. I'm still climbing that hill and just got to keep working hard on spanish and do whats right. Tell Dewy and Amber and Lindsey and Nate all congrats. That is so cool. this week the Branch Pres called me and my comp in and said that we are going to be the new Zone Leaders so we'll see how that goes. It should be a good experience. Just need to get to know everyone and love em. So pray i can do good with that. We get called this Sunday. The temple was cool today. I love going there each week. We ate in the temple to get some different food. Austin left which is nuts. Sam is doing good and see him every day. I heard that Fresno state and Nevada came in the Mtn west. is that true. and i heard byu was going to go independant did that happen? so let me know about that stuff. anyways i love you all and hope you all have a great week. Remember we can do all things through Christ. IT is true. That is what ammon was so pumped at. He knew he could do anything with God and Christ on his side and i know that i can too. We all just need to have the Faith. Love Elder Hancock Tell Savy thanks for all the letters.............

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