Sunday, August 15, 2010

Letter Number 4

Hello mi familia. Thanks for all the letters. its fun to read all that yall have to say. Im going to try and answer all of ya'lls questions. My companions is way cool. we just tease each other all day cuz we both have a pretty big ego. haha he has a really strong testimony and he likes sports so that is good. We are all pretty compettitive in the room when we play basura ball or trash ball. that has been fun to play. haha Me and my comp teach really well with each other which is good. it has been fun to teach with him. Yesterday we taught this really old guy from hondorus which was pretty cool. He spoke english bad and we spoke spanish bad but i felt we did really good. the spirit was strong. I see Austin every day he lives on the floor below us. ive been trying to get him to come play basura ball he hasnt come yet. he leaves on tuesday into the real field. I see Elder Zamora every other day or so. he seems like hes doing good. i see sam every day his class is right around the corner from mine. he got to go to salt lake today to go to the consolate or something to speed of the visa problem they have had with mexico. alot of people are getting re assigned to other missions until they get their visas. Pray that the process will speed up. i saw tom when he was here. We played soccer with each other. it was pretty fun. I told him that i just play because you can hit people down going after the ball and right after i said that i nailed this kid and gave him a huge grass stain on his back. it was pretty fun. Soccer is good to get some aggression out. We also have a goal count in our district, We call it the HOMBRE up board where we keep track of all of our goals. We're up to over 30 goals which is pretty legito. That is awesome that Chris Gross got baptized. telll him i said congrats and im proud of him. Savy wrote me the other day. Tell her i said thank you and that she is the first girl to write me. haha she said she is waiting for me so she better live up to that. haha I'm glad that dad has got some new toys to play with to keep him busy. Also i do want to know everything about air force football that you find out. I would love to know the news. you know me i love sports so give me all the news that you can. thats sweet that we got grandpas truck. too bad teisha might crash it. haha jk but i sent some pics in the mail today so you should be getting them soon. They are pretty funny because as roomates were haveing a little competition sending pics to elder Nelson's girl friend to see who can get the most letters from random girls. obvioustly we will win. Other than all these competitions i am working my butt off just to let youi know. I love the work and love being a missionary. Every time i teach i know it isnt me teaching and i know that. i know that it is the spirit. I have really been working on not teaching with my head but with my heart. when i do that you just get pumped and feel like you can just go on forever and your so pumped that you cant even fall asleeep . i love the energy that comes from being a missionary. i really do feel like running door to door. the message we have is essential to share to everyone and that is the commitment i extend to all of ya'll. Bare testimony to everyone about to church. Hombre up and dont be scared. Fear is not of God faith is. Teisha and Tate dont be afraid to share it with friends. It changes lives and its the best feeling in the world and i havent even taught a real investigator yet. I thing im strating to feel the energy level here to for not experienced like it says in my patriarchal blessing. I love it. The language is going good i just need to speak it as much as possible. Its just frustrateing at times but i know i will be blessed if i just put forth my best effort to try and speak it all the time. Love ya,

Elder hancock

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