Friday, August 6, 2010

letter #3 Aug, 6 2010

Hola!! This past week has gone by way fast. Its crazy i've already been here almost 2 and a half weeks. the days all seem the same but they are all good. I get up play soccer and study the scriptures, preach my gospel and spanish till 9 at night. I love it. this past few days we have made it fun. in class i made up a game where our teacher says a sentence in spanish and we write it on the board if you win you get to shoot a piece of paper in the trash but a chair is in front of it to make it harder. so thats been fun. A few missionarries have taught lessons in spanish to us and i can understand almost everything they are saying. Today at the temple when we were done we went and helped with the laundry and a man in there was from argentina and it was fun to talk to him in spanish. He would say something real fast and it would take an extra second for me to comprehend what he said but it was good practice. He was a baker in Argentina so that was cool. Tell the Hyatts thanks for the package they sent me with all the treats. They didnt need to do that. Oh and tell Kayla and Gentrie that My comp and my roomates want them to write them. Just a small note would make their day. haha but it sounds like yall had fun in utah. thats too bad zippy died. I think tim just ran out of targets and used zippie. haha but the letter to tim should get there soon. It took me a while to write it. yesterday me and my comp did a TRC where you go and teach people that come in and act as investigators. We first talk in spanish and talk about families and bare our testimony and stuff. I know how to come up with sentences and stuff but its hard for me to do it fast. so just got to keep working hard. Like i could write what i want to say in spanish but saying it is another story. but it went well. after we talk in spanish we teach the first lesson in english. we got this guy that had tattoos and gadges. His name was glen. we thought he was a non member and knew that he was way smart cuz these other elders said he just ripped into him but me and my comp just went in and got to know him for a way long time and just bore testimony of how we came to know that the church was true and the BOM is true. the spirit was way strong and then he just starting quoteing all these scriptures from memory of how the church wasnt true. it was nuts. He knew way more than we did so we we just bore testimony and then he was like dont worry i am a member. it was way funny cuz we we're sure this dude wasnt a member. but he said we did way good and said that no one can disprove your own witness of the church. So it was cool to teach him. He works at apple and knows 7 languages. he has a photographeic memory and just went off on quoteing scriptures. it was nuts but it was a cool experince. Today i came up with this game that me and my roomies can play and we're going to start a tournament i think. I have this chair i found that doesnt have a seat and is perfect for dips for working out but we put the trashcan inbetween it and it makes a perfect rim for a basketball hoop. so for comp study today we played spanish pig with this new hoop that we made in our room. its pretty sweet. we're going to start haveing tournaments of Pig and three point contests. Last night before bed i beat everyone in a handstand contest. We tried to see who can walk on their hands the farthest for 10 seconds and of course i won. so im finding ways to have fun. Its all good. but tell teisha she will be fine with school and stuff. tell tate to tear it up in football. But how is gramps doing. Im suprised i havent got anly letters from him. and i need his address. but LOve ya and ill talk to yall next week.

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