Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Letter number 2 ( July 30 2010)

Hola mi familia. This past week has been awesome. i have had alot of cool experiences. everyone in my district is getting along real well so thats good. Oh and i scored my first goal in soccor. The U.S should of had me for the world cup. but i pumped up my football just so i could sleep with it.haha but i throw it in the room just for fun. Fridays are our P-days so this morning we we're able to go to the temple which was pretty cool. I saw Austin today and yesterday. He only has 3 weeks here. but my teachers hermano Richardson and Konold are way cool and you feel the spirit every time. Hermano Richardson is this huge dude that played for BYU. he has alot of cool stories. One cool experience i had was he had us think of someone that we love and that we would love to see here the gospel and we would be able to go as an undercover missionary to teach them. . I have loved Hermano richardson storries that he has. He just makes you get pumped up to spread the gospel. I feel like i'm in offseason and just ready to get in the game. Im so pumped its hard to describe it. It feels like right before the game you just want to kill someone but in this case you want people to come unto christ. Its cool. I have really learned that you really need to care about those that you teach. You need to teach them to their needs and the only way you can is getting to know them and following the spirit and trying to see them as Christ and God see them. I can pray and bear my testimony in spanish. I can do door contacts and stuff but still working hard. The way to get better is to bear your testimony as much as possible so i'll give it to yall in spanish. Yo testifico en el nombre de Jesucristo que la iglesia de Jesucristo de los santos de los utimos dias es verdedero.
Yo se que Dios amamos
Yo testifico que el libro de mormon es verdad
Yo testifico que Jose Smith es un profeta verdedero
Yo se que Jesucristo es nuestro Redentor
Tambien Yo se que la oracion es poder!!
en el nombre de Jesucristo Amen!

Still working on it but its coming. but I need peoples addresses to write people like family and stuff. . i have alot of time on P-day to write people so i need those addresses por favor. Me and my comp have been working well together. He works hard but some times i have to give him a little push but thats ok. My roomates are way cool and we have been having fun. One funny story was these sisters were teaching us the first discussion in spanish and at the end they aked who would you like to say the closeing prayer but i thought they asked if we know of anyone else they could teach and i said yea the neighbors across the street and they were like who is this gringo. It was pretty funny. so as you can tell still workin on that spanish. Oh and make sure you tell Brad tomorrow that i love him and am so happy for him. That is awesome. tell him to keep workin on that LGN diet of his. hahaha And tell everyone i said hi and tell brandee thanks for the note and tell aunt Tammy thanks for the cookies. I love you all very much!!! Pues, Hasta Luego (well......see ya later) Inside joke with gentrie and them.... haha peace

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