Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tuckers first Letter July 24th 2010

Mi familia,

Hola!! Mi tiemo en el MTC esta muy bien!! The MTC has been aweome so fare. thanks for all the treats and the letters. The Gospel would be the best thing for her. She knows that it is true there just must be some things in her life holding her back. We have had alot of classes on just really trying to understand peoples lives and to really be their friends. We did this one exersise where you just observe this investigators and write what you feel they need to hear. it was cool to see that as i would write something down the missionarries teaching would say almost the exact same thing i wrote down. it just goes to show that it is the spirit that teaches and we are just used as a tool to share what the investigator needs to hear to change thier lives. Gym time here has been pretty retarted. The basketball courts are closed for 2 months because they are redoing stands or something so i might never get to play basketball. so these past 3 days i have played softball and soccer. No me gusta!!!! Mi companero es muy bien. Se llame es Elder Payne. He is a great kid. he was made district leader so i got to help him with that. He is from Arazona. That kid we met in the temple is in my district. Elder Boyd. My district is full of alot of cool kids. they all have strong testimonies which is goood. My teachers are Hermano Konold and Hermano Richardson. They are great teachers that really teach by the spirit. We havent done much spanish yet. I have sort of learned how to pray. All i do is pray in spanish. im pretty sure that heavenly father has no clue what i am saying but im trying. We are suppost to say everything we know in spanish and say it all the time. By doing that i have seen how much i dont know. haha but ill get there. Tell Braeden thanks for the letter. He wrote me before ya'll did. haha but I'lll definately use his advise and work hard. its the only way to have fun here. You have to work hard. I see Sam every day at the meals that we eat. He is way funny. He has given me alot of advice. You can tell that he has really worked hard and is learning alot. Its always good to see him. Everyone thinks we look alike which is funny. I see all my academy friends as well. They have the same meals as me too. Its just a big party. Oh and there is no football which is pretty stupid because i think more kids get hurt playing soccer than football but thats just my opionion. I was thinking about playing someing sort of like football but with a softball and then it wouldnt be football but i guess that wouldnt be very obedient. The more obedient you are the more powerfuly you can be when you teach so football will have to wait until i get to Cuernavaca. One cool story i have was when me and my comp were planning. I set a goal to make sure that i plan everything out that we are going to study so when it is MDT time we dont just sit there thinking about what we'
re going to study. i felt strongly about reading the book of mormon out loud together for companion study. In my personal study in preach my gospel it said the best way to have the spirit of christ is to read the book of mormon together. so i thought that was cool. so i'll keep planning i guess. My time is up so i got to go. I love you and tell everyone i said hey.

ps tell cj he is right about there are a bunch of weird dudes!! haha and the chocolate milk is legit. I make sure im early to every meal to get it!!

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