Sunday, September 12, 2010

Letter 8 MTC Sept,10 2010

Hello family. thanks for all the treats and the package. Ive made sure that everyone has seen the air force sign that you made. That was pretty legito. I also got the cards you sent i'll make sure and get that done. I havent heard anything on visas really. Today i heard a rumor i dont know if it is true. They said that there are like a bunch of missionarries supposed to leave on Sept 20th or 21st or something to mexico and like a third will get the permisas and like two thirds will just get retransfered and wait for their visas. Whatever happens is suppost to happen but i really want to leave on time so keep praying hard. Joanne has sent me sams letters and that has been way fun to read. He is so funny. It sounds like he is haveing a blast i cant wait to be there. Tell her to keep sending me those. Today i went to the temple and did sealings for the first time. That was pretty cool. After we helped in the laundry room and there were three workers that spoke spanish. It was fun to joke around with them in spanish and stuff. they were older one is from Argentina one is from Peru and one from mexico. The one from mexico served in Cuernavaca and he said that he loved. He said it is way beautiful and the people there treat you like angels. so that sounds good. haha he was also telling me about the ruins and how cool they are in Cuernavaca. The man from Argentina is way funny we have worked with him before. After we bore our testimony in spanish to them and he said it was good so that was fun. We have been teaching the second lesson in spanish and i feel we have done really well. With our limited spanish i feel that we use the scriptures really well to explain doctrine and then bare testimony and ask questions the rest of the time. I really need to work on explaining personal experiences in spanish though. Thats the only thing that is missing so ill work on that. also its hard to understand people when they slur words together so fast but its comming. I did get all those pics of the truck. they are sweet. I think im takeing it to colorado when i get home. Just letting you know. Also i believe Cameron Zamora has left i havent seen him so i think he is in the field. Austin wrote me this week and sounds like that he is doing good. I see all my freinds from the academy every day so thats fun. One thing i learnded this week is that god has never given a commandment that is temperal. D&C 29:34 so i have been working on makeing planning as spiritual as it can be. Also make learning spanish a spiritual experience instead of learning like it is homework. It has gone pretty well. so if you want to learn fast learn it with the spirit. thats the key. haha That is funny that Tate had a great time at six flags. He finally was able to Hombre arriba. I still havent got a letter from tim but you said he sent one so hopefully i get it. But all is good here in the mtc. It seems like there is not enough time to study each day but its all good. Oh and i love the shorts you got me. Mis pantalones cortos son legito y exalente. haha but Let me know how teisha and tates sports are going. Tell them to keep me updated and tell me how they are doing they can write on dear elder cant they. haha But i love you all and keep up the good work. Just pray that i get my visa and pray that the gym opens up soon. haha it should open up this week. Pues, love ya'll!!!!

Love, Elder Hancock

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