Monday, February 28, 2011

Feb 14 2011

thanks fam for all the udates and sounds like everyone is doing good. tate is about time that you start shooting the ball. haha but that is awesome that you had a game like me. haha love ya bud. and tiesha that is sweet you won your tennis tournaments. keep up the great work and stay away from those chavos boys. haha and mom and dad everything is going good here in mexico. i have lost like 8 or so pounds so not too much. and all is well here in acapulco. my comp is way awesome. he is shorter than me and has braces still. he looks like a little kid. haha but he has learned alot. i think i have done a good job of teaching him how to teach. he learns really fast. he is a realy humble did and has a strong testimony. so we are getting along just fine. i feel i have bettered my spanish alot with thim here cuz i have to speak it all the time which is good. the patriarch says i speak acupuceƱo. he says i have a accent like the people here in acupuco. so that is good. haha . but this week we baptized cesar. he is 17 years old and he is a way cool kid. i believe that he will serve a mission. he is way cool. we just baptized him this week satan is really working hard in our area but he wont win. we are teaching alot of cool people and am excited to find more. ___ and her family is doing good. she has had alot of douts with all of the anti bull and she still has problems . i feel like a bishop every time i go over there trying to help her. but all is good now. we finally got the ward working on hometeachers so our converts can have people come over instead of us. alot of our converts still dont have callings so we are working with the ward with that. but it is all good. that is cool that is reading the book of mormon. isnt he a senor in high school. but yeah all is going good here in mexico and me and my kid are working hard. but i love you all and thanks for all you do for me.
Elder Hancock

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